Wince and Repeat

Ballots sent to dogs and cats;
Seeking votes for Democrats.
The only way that I can lose
is if the voters are confused.
If I don’t win, that surely means
Dems pulled some strings behind the scenes.

The polls I see (or say I do)
suggest I’m leading. Thereby, you
should not believe the mainstream polling,
or results they are extolling.
Biden hasn’t got a prayer:
his mind is gone; there’s no there there.

His choice to serve as running mate
was brought on just to resonate
with women and minorities.
I won’t get votes or score with these;
a handful, really – just a token.
Done more for Blacks? I was jokin’.

Only way I’ll be defeated
is if someone (not me) cheated.
Not a soul should be surprised
there’s no way I’ll be satisfied
with losing. Then, to your chagrin,
we’ll have a re-do ‘til I win.

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