We Bilk Them All

I’m not clear on just what Steve Bannon was plannin’;
he took up some kind of collection.
When I heard he was pinched, I most certainly flinched –
since it might impact my re-election.

Funds sent in for a wall were ripped off – that’s appalling;
it’s MAGA folks Bannon defrauded.
As he sat on a yacht, he said, “Look what I got!”
And you know who took notice? The law did.

I decried Steve’s showboating, and hope that those voting
don’t think I was part of his scheming.
Once again, my insistence is: I’ve kept my distance
from Steve in the months intervening.

Kris Kobach’s regretting, and now may be sweating,
about when he made an entreaty – a
request to endorse, and I told him, “Of course!
And make sure that gets back to the media.”

I’m asked what it means that it seems it’s routine
my hired hands often end up indicted.
There’s no need to begrudge when I so poorly judge
those I’ve brought to serve these States, United.

I said I’d hire the best, yet here’s one more arrest;
these have happened with some regularity.
Make the swamp go away? Seems it’s just trompe l’oeil.
As a fraud I’ll be known to posterity.

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