All-Day Sucker Bet

An article in the Atlantic
had me scrambling, quite frantic;
challenging I’d ever said
what they alleged about the dead.

The article makes claims I called
dead soldiers losers. This appalled
most everyone who takes a breath
or has to deal with combat death.

The article, although well-sourced,
I quickly called Fake News, of course.
I contradicted my accusers:
Suckers – never said, or losers.”

Also, in a lengthy tweet
I used that platform to entreat
and swear that none should entertain
a loser I had called McCain.

The only problem that persists?
The fact a video exists
where I say that I’m not enraptured
just because McCain was captured.

Other tape that you can see?
I mocked a Gold Star family.
More? Troops who have endured concussions
had “headaches” – end of discussion.

Even in my fierce rebuttal
I used labels far from subtle:
lowlife, jealous, failure, liar
throwing fuel upon this fire.

Even Fox News has concluded
I recoiled from battle-wounded,
keeping them from my parade
so injuries were not displayed.

I have no affinity
when scribes use anonymity
to offer damaging opinions.
Truth comes only from my minions.

Who backs me up? A bunch of fellows:
Mick Mulvaney, Sanders, Meadows –
folks all known as bottom-dwellers
on the index of truth-tellers.

How will this play out? Uncertain.
Is there more behind the curtain?
What is true, and what’s conjecture?
Your vote serves as lie detector.

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