Top Brass Hole

The best way to show the enlisted
that you’ve got their backs, I have insisted,
is to make it clear you can’t depend upon
the commanders who work at the Pentagon.

Now, the soldiers – I know they adore me,
but the generals surely abhor me
since I’ve said that they all lust for combat,
and their focus each day is, “Let’s bomb that!”

A report says our troops I’ve discredited;
came to that verdict those who have read it did.
And despite my repeated denial-ing,
confirmations just keep on compiling.

So while rank and file I claim to venerate,
all the top brass I’ve chosen to denigrate.
Never mind I’m the one who selected them;
it’s now clear that I never respected them.

There’s a risk that you’ll lose your constituents
if a crisis means you must admit you meant
what you’ve said is repulsive and vilifies.
So to side-step that hazard – I will deny.

I claim love from those whom at attention stand
(that’s in spite of all my draft exemptions). And
at the risk that I’ve pissed off a general,
we’ll see if my dodge here is amenable.

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