Downplayed And Upchucked

Nothing more could have been done.
Two-hundred thousand dead; not one
for which the blame I will accept.
At crises, I have proved inept.

Who says I downplayed this cruel virus?
Sure – less deaths might be desirous,
but you’ll never please the haters.
Know who hates masks most? The waiters.

I still say it’s disappearing;
that’s not just electioneering.
We’ll develop herd mentality –
that is my preferred reality.

Bad cops choke when under pressure.
Need reform? Of that I’m less sure.
Law and order cops supply us –
With a dash of racial bias.

Is our country great for Blacks?
Of course it is! Except it lacks
a history of equal treatment.
Also, shootings? Far too frequent.

I’m President from coast to coast,
of all the land – well, maybe most.
I’ll give the red states this and that,
but less when run by Democrats.

Joe Biden said he’d mandate masks;
“Why hasn’t he?” your POTUS asks.
The answer should perhaps be clear:
He’s not your Prez – until next year.

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