Notorious R.I.P.

Mitch McConnell
Even though Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been gone barely an hour,
I did not waste time to make it clear: I’m holding all the power.
While I acted with the same haste when responding to Scalia,
then, instead of saying, “Welcome,” I told Merrick Garland, “See ya’!”

The position that I’m taking now’s an absolute reversal
of the stance I took the last time (best remembered as “inertial”).
Since Obama was a lame-duck, I spent all my time deridin’
his attempt to fill the slot, and blamed a rule named after Biden.

How ironic that it’s Joe who is now running to be POTUS
and must come up with a list of justices who say, “Promote us.”
The Supreme Court and its makeup once again become political,
so I don’t care if my change of heart makes me look hypocritical.

Trump put out his list already, and he really ran the gamut.
Now it’s up to me to pick one we can pass, so I can ram it
down the throats of all the Democrats now serving in the Senate.
I’ll draw up the nomination just as fast as I can pen it.

If we shoehorn in a Trump choice, then the court tilts 6 to 3,
of conservatives to liberals. That sounds like bliss to me.
It’s my mission to ensure Dems won’t be hunting with that dog. I’d
say that even if their party sweeps – this move will leave them hog-tied.

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