Ruth-less Behavior

RBG was amazing – as wife, judge, and mother.
(Her last words were written, I hear, by another.)
A bright, shining light; known wherever her face went.
(We’ve got to move quick to install her replacement.)

Her most fervent wish, as regards a new justice,
is now in my hands, also Mitch’s – so trust us.
And rather than wait ‘til a new Prez is sworn in,
we’ll start during shiva. (What’s that? Jewish mournin’.)

The names at the top of my list, which is short,
may attempt to abolish the right to abort.
Since Roe versus Wade the appeals have been numerous
to bring back some states’ aegis over the uterus.

There’s also Obamacare’s horrible mandate.
A court case is pending; we need one more than eight
to rule on that law and to invalidate it.
(For nearly four years I have tried to castrate it.)

So… Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that liberal icon:
her final request Mitch and I’ll take a hike on.
By stacking the court – unlike what Ruth’s suggested –
I’ll benefit if the election’s contested.

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