Foregone Inclusion

Amy Coney Barrett
I don’t plan to tip my hand on any ruling.
Hypothetical responses can be grueling.
Let’s be clear: I have no policy agenda,
and won’t postulate on any referenda.

I am adamant in voicing my refusal
that from any ruling I’d invoke recusal.
An appointment to the Court is quite prestigious –
but for now, I will sidestep all things litigious.

Some concerns have been expressed about religion:
Will faith guide my rulings? No… well, just a smidgen.
I am firmly pro-life; a deep faith-embracer –
but when I rule I’ll wield my belief eraser.

I believe the Constitution is inviolate;
hewing closely to the Framers – I require it.
I knew 4 of 5 freedoms (I blanked on “Protest”).
I thought Lindsey Graham said there would be no test.

Dems complain this hearing’s nothing but a sham;
my role on the court: get Trump out of a jam.
Unlike Kavanaugh – unless I clearly am drunk,
my approval’s pre-ordained to be a slam dunk.

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