Chances Aren’t

I’ve put Rudy in charge of results I’m contesting,
a sure sign I’m ready to yield.
He’s all hat and no cattle, as some are suggesting;
my fate appears now all but sealed.

I keep filing lawsuits with false allegations;
there really can’t be many more.
Instead, I’ll lend credence to rank speculation:
I’ll run again in ’24.

The final electoral votes – courts decide it;
as litigant, they’ve got my hands tied.
Yet Biden got 3-oh-6, same total I did
in ’16 – I called that a “landslide.”

Just how often should you bet against me? Uh… never.
My past success baffles oddsmakers.
But the life that remains in these legal endeavors
will be soon put to rest – in God’s Acre.

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