False Affront

My path to a victory is viable and clear,
just as long those votes I call “fraud” disappear.
I’ll prevail in the courts though the odds are thought slender –
as long as some rights once held dear you surrender.

The thought of “one person, one vote” is passé;
therefore, audits and recounts I’ve got underway
in the hopes votes against me will all be rejected,
and through sleight-of-hand I will be re-elected.

So far, of those challenges I’ve brought to court
(with just one small exception), they’ve all come up short.
But that hasn’t dissuaded me; I’ve doubled-down
and put Rudy in charge, even though he’s a clown.

While he hasn’t set foot in a courtroom for ages,
I’m very impressed with his lunatic rages.
And though his command of the law’s rather wobbly,
he’ll turn my defeat into victory – prob’ly.

It’s kind of ironic that I keep promoting
that, in many states, there were dead people voting –
considering how I’ve ignored all the deaths
of those now-dormant voters who’ve taken last breaths.

My quest to rescind votes that I claim were stolen?
You know that it’s full of what’s lodged in my colon.
So why all the effort in trying to usurp this?
Subverting democracy’s my one true purpose.

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