Infinitely Loopy

I’ve agreed to the transition, still unwilling to concede.
And I get a little testy when reporters interrupt.
Though beloved by evangelicals, I won’t wish Joe godspeed;
if he thinks the spotlight’s now on him, he’ll find he’s been one-upped.

While coronavirus rages through the country, causing death –
all my effort is directed at confounding and disputing
the results of the election, which I’ll fight ‘til my last breath,
while I use my pardon powers in a way that’s prostituting.

There are rumors I’ll announce my 2024 campaign
on the very day Joe Biden and his V.P. pick are sworn-in.
I will spend the next four years still using Twitter to complain;
every single day he’s POTUS – Biden’s side I’ll be a thorn in.

If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s when someone says I’m losing,
so I won’t admit defeat, but claim that I was robbed of winning.
If you thought these last four years brought you an agonizing bruising –
well, I hate to burst your bubble… They were only the beginning.

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