Don’t Needle Me

Barack Obama, William Clinton, Bush (the 43rd)
have volunteered to get their shots on camera, so I’ve heard.
If this assuages fears about the vaccine, I’m all for it,
but otherwise, my plan regarding Covid is – ignore it.

Each day we set new records, everywhere across the nation:
daily deaths, infections and gross hospitalizations.
As proof about this crisis I don’t give a tinker’s damn,
I spend my days complaining the election was a sham.

I gave a speech the other day and posted it online.
I spoke about conspiracies; my tone was asinine.
It’s clear I gave that speech because of how I crave attention,
but share the stage with Covid? Nope – it didn’t get a mention.

I’m focused on my image, so I think it an unwise step
to bear my arm on TV and reveal a flaccid bicep.
So let those has-beens line up for a hypodermic syringe;
I’ll fixate on fake votes in ways increasingly unhinged.

I think it’s pretty clear (it doesn’t take a stable genius)
to see, with those ex-Presidents, there’s differences between us.
I’ve nothing kind to say about those three, and never will –
So go to hell, Barack Hussein, George W. and Bill.

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