A Texas-Sized Defeat

So – imagine you’re the President of these United States,
And you got more votes than any who preceded.
Yet – purportedly – you lost; a big commotion this creates,
but your cries of “RIGGED ELECTION!” go unheeded.
And then after careful study and consideration, you
intervene with states who sign onto an amicus.
Since they’re thinking, just as you have, that you certainly got screwed.
And with GOP House members, you began a list
to keep tabs on who supports you, versus those you call a RINO.
And you bring your plea in front of the Supreme Court –
who reject your pending lawsuit. Seems those Justices provide no
signs of Courage. As for Wisdom – they all seem short.
Those nine Justices (until Dems pack the court) all feel relaxed in
comfy flowing robes they don in their arena,
while they undermine a great man from the Lone Star state, Ken Paxton
(who the other day was served with a subpoena).
Now – the lawsuit has been thrown out and is gone, within a flash,
without looking at the reasons for its filing.
Giuliani has announced that he’ll continue, unabashed.
“We’re not finished,” Rudy says – while almost smiling.
I have made it clear on Twitter my intention here to fight on
and keep stirring up distrust and insurrection.
Since I sure don’t give a shit how my hysterics cast a blight on
what it means to have a free and fair election.

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