Future’s Tense

People are angry – their focus is Mitch.
Election results: there should be a big switch.
Bill Barr was fired, er… I mean, he resigned.
Will I admit Joe Biden won? Not inclined.

Three-hundred thousand’s the ceiling we’ve passed,
due to my effort best termed as “half-assed.”
Deaths due to Covid are climbing, and yet
I’m intractably chasing votes I didn’t get.

I’ve had my mind on electoral malpractice,
and while I’m distracted – seems Russia has hacked us.
It still isn’t clear how much data’s been taken,
but my belief I beat Joe Biden? Unshaken.

Congress debates a new stimulus bill;
I’ve stayed out of that effort, and plan to until
Chuck and Nancy and Mitch and McCarthy will vet it –
and then I’ll swoop in to claim all of the credit.

I’ve still got supporters who say, “Don’t surrender!”
(Confederate money they think’s legal tender.)
Reverse the electors: I’ll keep on pursuing it,
to cling to this job – even though I’ve stopped doing it.

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