Never Gonna Give It Up

I placed a call to Sidney Powell.
I was pondering just how’ll
her approach ensure my win;
she then deferred to Michael Flynn.
He said declaring martial law
would be a way we could redraw
the electoral outcome map.
November’s votes we oughta scrap;
history should match what we wrote,
therefore – stage a wildcat re-vote.
Next to pipe up: Giuliani.
Made a broadcast, whereupon he
said he knows a crook by smell.
(Poor Rudy doesn’t look so well.)
I tuned in just to find out what’s
his latest rant? “Now, PROVE ME NUTS!”
(Perhaps someone will call his bluff,
since doing so won’t be too tough.)
I’ll fight until the bitter end;
you can’t say I’m a quitter. When
Joe Biden swears upon the Bible,
I’ll still claim my path is viable.
To your dismay – but my delight –
I have not yet begun to fight.

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