In The Daze Ahead

I’m down in Mar-a-Lago, where the weather’s really nice.
The recounts down in Georgia took place not just once, but thrice.
And now they say the signatures all match, after an audit –
you may find that reassuring, but I choose not to applaud it.

There’s not a day that passes I don’t make new allegations,
tweeting shaky testimony from so-called “investigations,”
quoting cretinous officials who all cite irregularities.
(Recall that I was cited for mismanaging some charities.)

In the meantime – all through Christmas I kept everyone on edge
when I said I wouldn’t sign a bill, and drove a further wedge
between me and Mitch McConnell, even though in a reversal
I then signed off on the bill, permitting stimulus dispersal.

And yet, despite my signature, I still appeared disgruntled
at some unrelated elements with which relief was bundled.
So McConnell gave assurances, while thinking he could stymie
quick approval of these issues, and that this would pacify me.

Now, while all of this was going on – I’ve also blamed the states for
not distributing the vaccines that our citizenry waits for.
It’s not my fault any aspect of this shit-show has occurred, and
many local health departments are stretched short and overburdened.

As the current year winds down, a brand-new year now looms before us,
and support I’ve claimed to garner seems progressively more porous.
Just three weeks remain until the Trump administration’s past us –
so I’ll do my level best to make these final days disastrous.

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