Reverse Coarse

Now, Brad Raffensperger – don’t think I’m insultin’ you –
but you’ve really fucked up with one county: Fulton. Who
missed picking up on the signature fraud there,
which means Biden’s margin of victory’s flawed there?

I’ll spit out some numbers; they sound quite specific.
And how’d I do down there in Georgia? Terrific!
I won quite substantially, based on my rallies,
so that’s why I think there’s a glitch with your tallies.

Your numbers are wrong, Brad – I know you don’t care –
and I know this phone call is going nowhere.
But ultimately I am going to win,
if you will assist with this vote plunderin’.

My effort to flip this will be a success
once Kemp, your attorney, and you acquiesce.
But if you refuse, then I look like a schmuck:
Instead of a two-termer – I’m a lame duck.

It’s not my intention to bring undue pressure;
I just think your tally requires a refresher.
My ask here’s quite modest, and not all that weighty:
Please give me eleven-thousand, seven-eighty.

A margin of one extra vote means reversal;
we’ll call all those other vote counts a rehearsal.
The truth here is I won by 400K,
so let’s get yet one more recount underway.

Here’s what we’ve found: as can best be determined, we
think you’re at risk; you as well, Ryan Germany.
There’s tampered machines, and with ballots all shredded,
you both could be charged with… (you know where I’m headed.)

Now, you and your mouthpiece say I am mistaken,
with faith in your certification unshaken.
But based on what I have been told by my sources,
I think you’re an ass – and the worst kind: a horse’s.

I’m pleading with you, Brad, and also with Ryan.
It seems what I’m trying to sell, you’re not buyin’.
And with all these threats I’ve now made, what’s writ large is
I’ve opened myself to a whole slew of charges.

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