Over And Pout

I flew out on Marine One
because Joe Biden’s team won.
I staged a modest rally,
an uninspired finale.

My speech – made up, right on the spot.
“Your votes for me weren’t all for naught;
I’ll be back in some other form,
so once more I can smother norms.”

Then, Air Force One I boarded,
a perk this job afforded.
I flew into a blue sky.
Expired: my date of “use by.”

The clock struck noon; the football passed –
yet I stayed an iconoclast
by skipping Joe’s inaugural.
My lame excuse was doggerel.

I headed toward the sunshine
while giving boosters one sign,
remarking they’ve withstood strife:
I said, “So, have a good life.”

Goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen.
Now – let’s see if I’ll be arraigned.
Malfeasance? I made hella dent…
Thank God I’m now irrelevant.

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