Party Hardly

New Orleans announces restrictions on the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration.

Drinking is certainly one of the core themes
of Mardi Gras festivals held in New Orleans.
But this year it’s certain you’ll sober up quicker
with mandates in place to restrict sales of liquor.

All bars will be closed citywide to attack
further spread of the virus – goodbye, Sazerac!
But unless these and other precautions are used, they
fear boisterous crowds will get sick by Fat Tuesday.

And one other thing here to note, I’m afraid: news
you won’t see those big floats or any parade krewes.
With Frenchman, Decatur and Bourbon Streets shut down
the chances for revelry sure will be cut down.

Without all these tourist desires to appease, we
won’t have much to do while down in the Big Easy.
But if there’s no alcohol flowing to live it up,
at least – for Lent this year – I won’t have to give it up.


“Party Hardly” — read by the author.

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