Schmooze Operator

A medical professional seemed to lose focus during a procedure.

The jurist of a traffic court was really not enthused
by the actions that an M.D. took; the platform that he used –
since a medico’s attention (all of it, one might assume)
should be on the patient underneath the knife, and not on Zoom.

A plastic surgeon (certainly for trouble he was asking)
picked the wrong time to show off his aptitude for multi-tasking.
Irregardless of however he’s maneuvered in the past, he
shouldn’t make a court appearance on a screen mid-rhinoplasty.

You don’t expect to see while you lay prostrate on a gurney
your physician, at the same time, function as his own attorney.
The expectation is your doctor probes your organs tenderly
and doesn’t choose to step away to plead nolo contendere.

As hair plugs are implanted so your bald spot is concealed,
there should be no litigation that concerns failure to yield.
Docs should give Botox injections in a method quite particular
without being distracted by infractions; type: vehicular.

A surgeon should move quickly when he sees that you are bleeding
but not stop your operation to explain why he was speeding.
So the judge shut down the doctor’s trial, and sternly chose to warn him –
and thank goodness that this patient’s loved ones didn’t have to mourn him.

“Schmooze Operator” — read by the author.

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