Not Such a Bright Idea

Daylight Saving Time isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s time to set the clocks ahead
and lose an hour’s sleeping.
We think our brains can be misled
through solar-based housekeeping.

It’s darker in the morning,
but the sun will stay up longer.
And yet, here’s a word of warning:
risk of sunburn gets much stronger.

This concept really is a dodge
I find unjustifiable.
A self-deluding trompe l’horloge;
some subterfuge heliacal.

Adding daylight’s misbegotten;
I prefer the dark before dawn –
all because I’m really not in
any rush to put my shorts on.

“Not Such a Bright Idea” — read by the author.

2 thoughts on “Not Such a Bright Idea

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  1. BC was in the process of cancelling the spring forward, fall back thang, in concert with Oregon, Washington and California. But for some reason, California has hit the pause button. Vast majority of peeps here want to get rid of the changes.

    James (Jim) Parker, James Bay, Victoria, BC (250) 360-7901


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    1. Maine/New England have discussed moving to the Atlantic Time Zone since they’re so far “east” in it. The states have some kind of pact — as goes one, so go all — but nothing’s come of it yet.

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