A Token of My Affectation

Someone paid an astronomical price for an image anyone can download.

A piece of art sold at an auction;
the price was incredibly high.
A digital-only concoction;
can’t hang it up – go ahead, try.

It’s called a Non-Fungible Token –
a blockchain-based one-of-a-kind.
And let this reality soak in:
that concept is blowing my mind.

The assets of this type are virtual,
but sometimes they also are physical.
And if for more insight you search, you will
plaster a look on your face best termed quizzical.

For people whose notion of art is
trinkets bought at flea markets for nickels,
the incomprehensible part is
how these artists reap fortunes from pixels.

 “A Token of My Affectation” — read by the author.

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