Dutch zookeepers got snippy with the king of beasts.

A lion who’d fathered many cubs –
in an action unexpected – he
was grabbed by keepers wearing scrubs
who provided a vasectomy.

He’d proved himself a virile sort,
as his progeny attested.
But he wouldn’t cough up child support
as each lioness requested.

Five cubs he sired, just last year;
there’s no question of his prowess.
So, this brings an end to his career.
Of a ladies’ man, he’s now less.

Once this remedy had been applied,
his productive seed was cut back.
But this lion still maintained his pride –
plus the contents of his nut sack.

“Unseeded” — read by the author.

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    1. The article about the procedure said the vet specifically avoided castration, since side effects would have been loss of his mane and also place in the pride’s pecker… er, pecking order.


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