Glazed and Enthused

A nationwide chain is offering a sugary reward upon proof of inoculation.

Everyone sure loves a sweet, tasty donut;
you can get one for free just for asking, although what
you’ll need to come up with before you can feed’ll
be proof of a jab from a vaccine-laced needle.

A donut’s a treat that’s been deep-fried and glazed.
The ones made with yeast use a dough that’s been raised.
They’re sweet and they’re sticky and calorie-packed –
and if you eat too many, your heart is attacked.

The risk from a donut is less when compared to
what happens if this Covid virus impairs you.
So go get your vaccine – and after the shot,
go to town on that treat while it’s still fresh and hot.

“Glazed and Enthused” — read by the author.

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