Crash Decision

A sophisticated analysis forestalls the risk posed by a heavenly body.

Most of us living all have pasts devoid
of being concerned about asteroids.
A new NASA forecast has now blunted fears:
no chance we’ll be struck for the next hundred years.

The thought of collision gives one pause; it shocks
to think there’s any chance that a huge cosmic rock
might slam into Earth while we still live upon it.
Fat chance we’d survive a celestial bomb hit.

This asteroid, given the Greek name Apophis,
could possibly strike where the Arc de Triomphe is.
Wherever it lands would be marked with a placard.
(The worst place, of course, would be right in your backyard.)

Some people are anxious, perhaps could lose sleep:
our planet might one day be a refuse heap.
But now that we know it’s unlikely to happen
while we’re still alive – let’s all get back to nappin’.

“Crash Decision” — as read by the author.

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