Spinning the Hits

Creepy-crawly cacophony may soon be showing up on your playlist.

Spider webs are musical; I bet you didn’t know that!
Some scientists examined them with algorithms so that
they could come up with computer models, spending afternoons
(also morning time and evenings) listening to arachnid tunes.

Spider webs are made of silk, in interlocking strands.
Strumming them with all eight legs, as part of rocking bands,
spiders pluck out melodies to which they like to listen, since
they sound a lot like wind chimes, with a heavy dose of dissonance.

Those who have arachnophobia (that’s spider fear) – it’s
all but certain they would lose their minds if they start hearing lyrics
sung by spiders as they chant along to Charlotte’s Greatest Hits. The
only spider song I’d ever want to hear is “Itsy-Bitsy.”

“Spinning the Hits” — read by the author; music by tropical tent-web spiders

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