Salad Daze

A side dish in Australia almost contained a very unusual ingredient.

A man, while preparing his dinnertime salad,
saw something that slithered and made him turn pallid:
right there in the midst of his leafy romaine
was a snake – who had traveled far from its domain.

We might find an object in food that annoys us
but, most of the time, it is not something poisonous.
I doubt when this fellow sat down to eat mixed greens
he thought he’d experience panic betwixt screams.

While eating a big meal, or having a snack,
one isn’t prepared for a reptile attack.
When coming back from where our food dollars were spent
we don’t expect to be unpacking a serpent.

When prepping a salad for mealtime, we may
choose from iceberg, arugula, kale, or frisée.
Variety’s great – but I’d find it distressing
if something was winding through my salad dressing.

“Salad Daze” — read by the author.

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