Grand Cru-ise

You can purchase some special space cargo for an astronomical price.

A bottle of wine spent a year up in orbit.
To get it back down was a bit of a chore, but
the famous house Christie’s will sell it at auction –
a one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world concoction.

The wine designated for this space-age ruse?
Produced by a vintner, a French one – Pétrus.
The auction house says that the sale price (an estimate)
is one million dollars. Who’d pay? Those obsessed with it.

For all of that money, you’ll own just one bottle.
I’m willing to pay that – IF an astronaut’ll
uncork this rare vintage. Then, since I’m bourgeois,
I’ll suck down my space wine while using a straw.

“Grand Cru-ise” — read by the author.

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