Special Saucer

The truth may be out there – depending upon what a pending government analysis has to say.

All of a sudden, reports have intensified
as concern objects that fly, unidentified.
There’s a new label that’s now much more common: a
move to drop “Object” – instead, use “Phenomena.”

Crack Navy pilots have spent much time tailing them;
still there’s debate whether earth-bound or alien.
Now we await a report – any day –
to confirm if they’re actual, or trompe l’oeil.

It’s a surprise that the Pentagon’s cast aside
prior restrictions and now has declassified
videos showing flight patterns mysterious.
What was once laughed at is now taken serious.

Call them a UFO or UAP –
are they outer space saucers, or hyperbole?
Some believe they exist; some say, “Give it a rest.” We will
see if there’s proof that they’re extraterrestrial.

“Special Saucer” — read by the author.

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