Cordon-Blew a Fuse

The preparation of a signature meal can now be handled by an automaton.

Have you ever made paella?
It’s Spain’s signature entrée. A
chef takes hours to prepare
this classic dish: quite an affair.

It’s made with white wine, rice, and seafood –
also, vegetables should be used.
Throw in chicken (not chorizo).
Lots of spices? I believe so…

If the recipe you know not,
no concern – ‘cause now a robot
has been programmed to sauté
it perfectly for your soirée.

What’s the sales pitch from this vendor?
Big-time upgrade for your blender.
Kitchen robots: coming soon!
(One plus – they’ll never lick the spoon.)

“Cordon-Blew a Fuse” — read by the author.

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