Marching Madness

Some of the largest land mammals on Earth are lumbering unsupervised.

Have you ever seen an elephant (or, let me use a fancy term –
among the cognoscenti, it’s referred to as a pachyderm)?
Perhaps you’ve met one at a zoo, and even touched its skin, so
there’s a chance you might not freak out if you saw one out your window.

But a herd in southwest China, who broke free from a reserve,
have shown up in people’s farmlands – leaving residents unnerved.
They are known for giant flat feet, and their girth is rather ample,
so it comes as no surprise as they pass through that crops are trampled.

They have traveled several hundred miles, through territory rural.
Why they broke out is unclear; perhaps to give free-range a whirl.
One of them ate some fermented fruit and possibly got drunk – so
please be careful, keep your distance: you had best avoid this trunk show.

“Marching Madness” — as read by the author.

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