Bonne Chance the Wrapper

A famous structure is soon to be swaddled.

Here’s something to consider as you eat your morning cereal –
the famous Arc de Triomphe will be soon wrapped in material,
with blue and silver fabric that is made from polypropylene.
The concept is embraced by some, while others find it philistine.

Parisians may be wondering, “Just how much is the cost to us?”
Entirely self-financed by the artists (who are posthumous –
perhaps you’ve heard of Christo and Jeanne-Claude; they both have passed away).
Is this considered spectacle, or art? I’ll be the last to say.

This couple was quite famous for their works done in this oeuvre. You
may find their work distracting – or perhaps think it improves the view.
For some it brings delight, and yet for others causes tsuris.
We can all agree on one thing: it will draw a lot of tourists.

“Bonne Chance the Wrapper” — read by the author.

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