What in the Whirl

A family’s new home has a most unique feature.

A fellow built his wife a home that spins ‘round in a circle.
When his neighbors saw the plans, they all said, “This will never work! Will
your house rotate counter-clockwise? Won’t it make your spouse feel dizzy?”
He ignored all of the nay-sayers, put his head down, and got busy.

The structure, now completed, is among the rarest seen; a
homestead deemed a point of pride in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The façade’s a lovely green, with bright red metal on the roof.
In response to those who said, “No way!” the house now stands as proof.

The builder’s wife, whenever she desires, can change the view;
she just flips a switch – all thanks to engineering derring-do.
It’s her choice of north, east, south or west. Yet, this comes with a warning:
she’ll still see her mate’s unshaven face the first thing every morning.

“What in the Whirl” — read by the author.

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