Presents Aren’t Accounted For

Global events can’t cancel – but may alter – how some choose to celebrate the holidays.

It’s another Covid Christmas – Santa can’t come down the chimney
unless he’s been vaccinated and he has a mask on him. He’s
being hounded by the elves, who won’t agree to vaccination.
(There’s no mandate at the North Pole, much to St. Nick’s consternation.)

Mrs. Claus, a vaccine-backer, has cajoled the anti-vaxxers,
but the elves are not persuaded by this cavalcade of facts. Her
valiant efforts all for naught, and Santa Claus is disappointed
when the sprites stick fingers in their ears (which, you’ll recall, are pointed).

Toy production has been slowed, due to concerns with the supply chain.
Tracking shifting shipping timelines now gives Santa Claus a migraine.
Fill-in labor means the quality of goods is less meticulous.
It’s not looking good this season for the bounty from Saint Nicholas.

And it isn’t only Christmas; this kerfuffle also spawns a
big concern regarding celebrating Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.
Acquisition versus Thankfulness: an old, eternal schism.
So – perhaps we should dial back the focus on commercialism.

“Presents Aren’t Accounted For” — read by the author.

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