Spread Alert

“Spread Alert” — read by the author.

A coveted comestible is conspicuously absent from the dairy case.

There’s a short supply of cream cheese;
you can search both far and near.
Bagel lovers now all scream, “These
deli favorites need a schmear!”

Whether spreadable or brick-style,
its devoted clientele
have exhausted every trick, while
settling for Neufchâtel.

Needed for a cream cheese frosting
or a cheesecake that’s divine.
Yet no matter what it’s costing –
devotees will stand in line.

Used in jalapeño poppers
or a filling for a blintz,
it’s been filched by savvy shoppers –
others haven’t seen it since.

Though this issue may seem frivolous
it’s a fact that cream cheese rocks!
Gustatory pleasure given us;
best of all – when paired with lox.

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