Ginni-ed Up

A Washington power couple, playing the long game, seem poised to make their big move.

My husband is a Justice and he sits on the Supreme Court.
Let me introduce myself: I go by “Ginni,” Ginni Thomas.
Yes, I went to Trump’s big rally, but – cold weather cut my stay short.
I don’t share my ideology with Clarence, folks… I promise.

On January 6th I joined the “Stop the Steal” rally.
It was peaceful when I did; I left before things got so heated.
I’m a very busy activist, no time to dilly-dally;
just a drop-in to insist that Donald Trump was not defeated.

I’m entitled to opinions of my own, however right-wing,
but I keep them to myself, so there’s no need for hub’s recusal.
But if Clarence were to ask me, I’m sure he’d find this enlightening:
I support Trump all the way – his disingenuous bamboozle.

There is never any pillow talk between us, so it’s random
when my husband rules in favor of my many strident causes.
I’m the yin and he’s the yang – but we don’t ever work in tandem;
mere coincidence we both appear where neocon applause is.

Amending his disclosures, hubby issued a correction:
I received some lavish paychecks from the Heritage Foundation.
And since both of us believe that Biden stole the last election,
rest assured we make a great team to destabilize this nation.

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