A-Peel-ing Behavior

“A-Peel-ing Behavior” — read by the author.

Scientists anticipate the onset of the singularity will encompass a well-balanced diet.

Of all of the tasks that we often find tedious,
the worst are those tied into mealtime and feeding – thus
let’s automate kitchen labors. Or so thought
some techie-types: “Peeling bananas by robot!”

It took many hours to program this skillset
that you and I think of as run-of-the-mill – yet
through trial and error and lots of bruised fruit
this computerized process began to take root.

The outcome: a showcase of robotic frippery,
denuding a fruit often thought of as slippery.
But here’s what we need, says the kitchen klatch chorus:
“A droid that cooks broccoli – and then eats it for us.”

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