This Doesn’t Add Up

Recent actions continue to cast a cloud over the Sunshine State’s public education system.

Back when one plus one was two,
and hetero was all we knew,
and slavery was just a phase –
those were the best of all school days.

White kids who were not to blame
should not be made to bear the shame
from generations past in history –
painful truths should stay a mystery.

Math books rife with CRT
(it’s hidden somewhere you can’t see),
but Ron DeSantis knows it’s there;
he’s Florida’s chief doctrinaire.

When children learn about subtraction,
no talk of same-sex attraction.
Students shouldn’t have perplexed looks
as they dive into math textbooks.

“Drag” is just a co-efficient,
not a lifestyle thought deficient.
“Straight” means lines connecting two points;
no need to include gay viewpoints.

Triangles: one kind is scalene;
not a three-way in the gay scene.
Angle correlates to vertex –
not make some girl question her sex.

Meridian is longitude:
Floridians might find it lewd
since it involves a spinning sphere
upon which some ID as queer.

Lesson plans can’t be adorned with
talk of genitals not borned with.
Boys with parts as one expects;
the same for girls – no intersex.

The DOE (it’s not a joke)
thinks math textbooks are drenched in “woke,”
with nearly forty-one percent
removed from schools for which they’re meant.

DeSantis and his DOE
want youth to be all they can be –
as long as what these kids create
are futures lived White, cis- and straight.

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