Greene Behind the Fears

Someone’s memories were caught up in a very dusty cobweb.

“Insurrectionist” – a long word I don’t think that I can spell.
Ask me any question, but you never can compel
me to remember any actions that I choose not to recall.
I’ll deny things that I said, though there’s a record of it all.

But even if you find a post, examine it quite closely:
I’m not the one who said let’s put a bullet in Pelosi.
Perhaps I might have “liked” it; I really can’t recount –
all kinds of morons run my social media accounts.

I never, ever said that Ms. Pelosi was a “traitor.”
Oh – there’s a video? I guess I was the perpetrator.
But that’s protected speech, within my First Amendment rights:
a freedom given me and other right-wing troglodytes.

I don’t remember if I advocated martial law;
if you press for specifics, I will only hem and haw.
I’ll choose not to confirm or clearly issue a denial,
in hopes that I can skate from being sanctioned by this trial.

This case was brought to preempt my campaign for reelection;
the Constitution bars those who engage in insurrection.
Removal from the ballot, though unlikely, is the worst-case –
and still a mystery: how I got elected in the first place.

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