Who’s Pulling Whose Strings?

Kevin McCarthy’s own words come back to haunt him.

Can we implement the 25th? I fear it takes too long.
We’ve got to get Trump out the door; encourage his swan song.
Let him remain in office? I don’t think we can afford it.
(This conversation’s hush-hush, so nobody should record it.)

The mob that stormed the Capitol? Those Proud Boys looked ferocious.
I’ve had it with this guy; what he has done here is atrocious.
This vicious insurrection – an attack that Trump incited.
(There’s audio of what I said? No worries – I’ll deny it.)

Impeachment is an option, but I fear that it’s divisive.
I’m leading by example here – my technique: indecisive.
Removing Trump from office will take time and isn’t elegant.
(And then of course the MAGA crowd’s the tail that wags the elephant.)

I think I’ll call Joe Biden to promote a smooth transition;
a pledge of firm allegiance from the loyal opposition.
I’ll call Trump on the telephone and urge him to resign.
(Unless, of course, that’s risky – then I’ll get right back in line.)

Perhaps we’ll find, as time has passed, there was no need to panic:
Trump’s actions, though abhorrent, have now also proved galvanic.
For one bright New York minute I spoke out as a truth-seeker.
(But that’s been overcome by my desire to be House Speaker.)

Let bygones stay as bygones; I was mad for a split second,
but the lust to stay in power proved too strong: that craving beckoned.
I’ve embraced Trump once again and claim the man is quite endearing.
(Now the only thing to fear is what comes out in next month’s hearings.)

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