Faults Across Texas

Welcome to Texas! – unless you are gay;
your lifestyle’s abhorrent, so please stay away.
Traditional family’s the strength of our nation.
The rights of “preborn” start at fertilization.

We’re all in on marriage, but only times when it will
unite men and women with OEM genitals.
As for the Supreme Court – we’re all against packing
(unlike firearms, which no one should be tracking).

Joe Biden’s election? In no way legit.
We’ll hassle John Cornyn and Crenshaw when it’s
clear to us that they aren’t far enough on the right-wing.
Enact gun control laws? Good Lord, that thought’s frightening.

Sexual matters are best left unspoken.
A fan of Obamacare? You’ll be heartbroken.
The United Nations should pack up and move.
And Critical Race Theory? We disapprove.

The Great State of Texas – the home of the Lone Star,
where Abbott, and Paxton, and other Trump clones are.
All rights come from God. If we’re forced to concede some,
in that case, the U.S. we plan to secede from.

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