A Fairway From the Truth

I’m not a denier;
I saw them collapse.
Blamed Saudis before;
now – a memory lapse.

They’ve chosen my golf course;
I stand to make dough.
Still don’t know who brought down
those towers long ago.

We’re going to have fun
at my course in Bedminster.
I think of the Crown Prince
as sweet, and not sinister.

We’ve mowed all the fairways
and raked all the traps.
Could some other country
be guilty? Perhaps…

I’ve certainly riled up
the families of victims.
The Crown Prince says, “Not me!”
Should I contradict him?

The Saudis invested
with son-in-law Jared.
Now I think they’re awesome,
not vile, I’ve declar-ed.

When push comes to shove
I sniff out where the money is –
so I’ll turn a blind eye
to Saudi-led funny biz.

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