Murder Most Fowl

A gun inside a chicken? That’s one pistol-packin’ pullet!
Stuffing made from bread and onion, with a hint of thyme and bullet.
Stick your hand inside a chicken? Shouldn’t do it if it’s raw –
but in this case it’s essential so you’ll be quick on the draw.

If the weapon in the chicken there resides with loaded barrel,
once the oven is pre-heated it could put your life in peril.
Slather butter on the outside for a skin that’s brown and crispy,
but to roast a loaded handgun is a choice that’s kinda risky.

Whether doused in lumpy gravy, or if on the plate without sauce,
taking bites of this armed fowl means there’s a chance you’ll shoot your mouth off.
With a side of mashed potatoes — fluffy, creamy, (pistol-)whipped –
please be careful as you chow down; there’s a chance you might get clipped.

Guns are often fraught with danger; wrongly-used they’ll kill a fella,
but a chicken’s also deadly – ever heard of salmonella?
Just the thought of using firearms is sufficient to make some sick,
but you’re also taking chances when you undercook a drumstick.

If the chicken in this instance could be brandished as a weapon,
then a potpourri of felonies potentially you’d step in.
All depends which state you live in – if it’s termed an open-carry one,
you might not be charged. For other states: become a vegetarian.

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