Suffer Fools Not So Gladly

First time as tragedy; second as farce:
I’m Donald J. Trump, favorite pain in the arse,
running again as I try to evince
that once I was kicked out – it’s been all downhill since.

Quickly I hope to get my campaign rollin’
(you may recall: last time, my victory was stolen)
by harkening back to the time before Biden,
when all was just perfect – while *I* was presidin’.

Some thought my announcement was one fierce polemic,
wherein I blamed others – and not the pandemic –
for all that’s gone wrong since the end of my rule.
The onus on me is, at best, miniscule.

I made fun of Biden; suggesting he’s senile
but otherwise kept all the focus on me while
I made claims unfounded, continued my swindling:
ignoring the polls stating my chances dwindling.

So I, both for reasons vindictive and trite, went
ahead and declared – to avoid an indictment.
If my launch seemed shaky, remember this adage: “He
dazzles with bullshit who lacks any strategy.”

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