Toes Be or Not Toes Be

A pastor claims prayer alone restored a woman’s missing appendages.

Some believe that only Jesus is the pathway to salvation,
or don’t know that correlation doesn’t signify causation,
or deny there’s climate change when winter temperatures get nippy.
Then there’s this: a woman missing toes upon which she could tippy.

At a megachurch located in Missouri’s fabled Ozarks
a kerfuffle has erupted – and here’s what created those sparks:
A parishioner displayed her foot with three toes amputated, when
a pastor said that prayer would be the force that re-created them.

To grow back what was severed? A creative kind of miracle.
The claim’s been made without a shred of evidence empirical.
Without supporting video, there’s been no guarantee of them –
we only have the church’s word the woman grew back three of them.

Restored in 90 minutes, through the effort of a prayer team.
Some believe the attestation; others skeptical of their scheme.
Some put faith in this belief: where there’s a way, there’s also will.
But once doctors get involved, I wonder – who will foot the bill?

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