Until the Day I Deny

I said I never raped her, and the jury all agreed.
(I was charged in New York City, where a trial can’t be fair.)
They awarded her 5 million, which to me is chickenfeed
(it won’t come out of my pocket – I’ll just fundraise for my share).

Now it’s said that I defamed her, which has ruined her reputation,
and I sexually abused her, which has caused her injury.
I’ll continue to articulate my raging disputation
and, as usual, won’t let the facts deter or hinder me.

I don’t know this horrid woman; no idea, absolutely.
It’s alleged she is a writer who worked for a magazine. A
firm denial in ALL CAPS I’ll keep on posting resolutely
(while I look for a replacement for my lawyer, Tacopina).

At a stall in Bergdorf Goodman, she alleged that I had beckoned
her companionship, then quickly my behavior turned predacious.
“Not my type!” I said — while I mistook her for my wife (my second).
“She’s a liar!” I proclaimed – while I’m the one known as mendacious.

It’s a witch hunt, and a hoax, and a disgrace (the list is endless).
I’ll continue to deny and obfuscate amidst this groundswell.
While the MAGA crowd proclaims, “There’s just no way he can offend us!” –
in a court of law, I’ve just been found a dirty rotten scoundrel.

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