NEW! A compilation of 50-some Trump Poems, focused on the events leading up to, during, and immediately after the (first) impeachment.

My prior collection of Trump Poems, covering many of the most notable missteps events during his administration’s second year, was released in February 2019:

You’ll find the very best from the more than 220 Trump Poems published during that span within its covers / downloaded to your tablet’s hard drive.

You can purchase and download a copy of my collection of verse spanning the first year of the Trump administration via Amazon:


You can also purchase or download copies of my two other collections of short, humorous essays (with *some* Trump content, but otherwise mostly self-deprecating shit) via these links from Amazon, or through your favorite bookseller:

Posts included in those two collections, along with other recent writings, are found at my FactsOptional blog.

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