You can purchase Selfie-Facing: Analog Musings in a Digital World from your favorite bookseller, or through Amazon as a paperback or Kindle download.

A few reviews:

  • “SELFIE-FACING is a laugh-out-loud series of observational essays that are thought-provoking and best savored in small bites for maximum digestion.” — 5-star review by IndieReader.
  • “A unique spin on a world of sound bites and quippy, overused and trite sayings” — named as one of “The Best Self-Published Books of 2016” by the Huffington Post.
  • “John Branning’s e-book ‘Selfie-Facing’ is a collection of his pavannes and divagations on life in the 21st century. Nothing escapes the Winthrop resident’s sense of irony, and his observations range from the elemental inconveniences of driveway snow, to tinnitus-inducing smoke alarms, even to guns (“I was shot in the workplace the other day by someone who didn’t know how to properly use a gun. This really happened. Granted, it was a Nerf gun …”)… ‘Selfie-Facing’ is full of goofs, puns, silliness and dollops of social criticism that are apt to make you laugh, or shake your head, or read out loud from your tablet to your beach blanket partner.” – Dana Wilde, “Off Radar,” Kennebec Journal

And then there was the one guy who really hated it:


This is probably the only time in my writing career I’ll be compared to the inestimable E.B. White. Coincidentally — White was born in Mt. Vernon, NY and I also lived there for several years; White later moved to Maine, which is where I live now; White’s first children’s book (Stuart Little) was initially poorly-received but went on to immense popularity… so – based on the tenor of the review directly above – Selfie-Facing is destined to become a classic.

Read Selfie-Facing‘s preface here!

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