Facts Optional



Divided we fall

I keep trying to make sense of awful politics through bad poetry.

Instead of Tom Brady’s method, try mine

Here's the story / Of a man named Brady...

Written too hard

Once you read this, perhaps you'll understand why I was considering "The Trouble With Scribbles" as an alternate title.

There’s something squirrely in the debt ceiling

Let's tear the roof off those suckers.

Eclipse Job, or Sun of a Bitch

That was a lot of build-up for 2 minutes and 8 seconds of... what, exactly?

Taking a LePage From History

Our governor has been consistent -- gotta give him that.


This was almost finished and then came Tuesday's impromptu Statement #3...

The Princess and the Pee Stain

There's sensitive, and then there's just being spiteful.

Road Hard, Put Away Wet

This was one election that required mud-slinging.

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