My latest collection of essays continues my cataloging of slights against me in my roles as husband and father, both real and imagined (mostly imagined); I wrestle with the convoluted rules of grammar; I take a few digs at The World According to Trump, and occasionally just say something amusing for the hell of it. Fans of wordplay and puns are sure to enjoy; fans of the Kardashians (are there any left?) surely will not.

A few folks had some nice things to say about the book:

  • “Like a genius mixed with a hooker, John Branning is a f**king know-it-all.  And that’s a good thing.  Especially for us.  For it takes incredible insight, knowledge and precision to skillfully excavate the humorous inanities of everyday life.  To that end, Branning is part archaeologist, part surgeon and most of all, wise sage and philosopher.  It takes a very special mind, not to mention a peculiar one, to find hilarity as well as a plethora of painful puns in places no one else has even thought to look.  John should offer a money-back guarantee – if you don’t laugh out loud within the first paragraph of any of his musings, you’ll receive a full refund.  I know he’s too humble to do that (or too broke) but just try to keep a straight face – I dare you.”
    • Richard X Heyman, critically-acclaimed musician and author of Boom Harangue (
  • “John Branning is a funny man. Wait, let me try that again. John Branning is a brilliantly funny man with the sort of comical wit that smoothly blends intelligent conversation with punchlines and provocative questions leaving the reader feeling deeply amused while also pondering rather serious topics. Don’t believe me? You should see how he turns a simple one-liner about Kim Kardashian into an existential crisis over the plight of real versus fake news. Each of Branning’s essays is a pleasurable read that will leave readers feeling just a bit smarter and certainly quite entertained.”
  • “Writing humor is difficult to do, and John Branning succeeds with gusto. Whether he is writing about his marriage, politics, or impersonating his cat, he never fails to make me laugh. Here’s hoping by the time you are reading this hilarious book (which you must do) his right nostril wound will have completely healed.”
  • “A wordsmith extraordinaire, John Branning extracts the comedic pith from common day situations, instances and sayings, and twists said pith into shapes just not meant to be. The result is to leave his readers both laughing uproariously and at the same time, nodding in complete understanding. A conundrum. That’s what JB is. A funny, smart and insightful conundrum.”
    • James Parker, co-author of Children of Africa: A Photographic Journey (

Read the book’s intro here!

You can purchase a copy of Keys To The Truculent Me from your favorite bookseller, or through Amazon as a paperback or Kindle download.